Fouji Industries India’s old & famous Industry and manufacturers of Air/Dental Air Compressors is located at Surat (Gujarat), which is running successfully since 1967.

At present Air Compressors are demanded not only in each & every industry but also demanded in various type of organisations for various purposes. So Air Compressors demand increases by 5 to 10% every year.

Every industry i.e. Dyeing Printing, Chemical Industries, Medicine Manufacturers, Hospitals, Garages etc. all are in need of Air Compressors for Air pressure & they want advanced technology & reliable Services at Low-maintanance & trouble-free performance. Fouji” gives all the expected performance with their 40 years of experience.

“FOUJI” Air Compressors have been accepting with high comment and proving their superiority in design and length in durability for many years by the nation-wide customers meeting every requirements of them. All our products are manufactured under severe quality control, and by their top level designs they are assured of wonderful precision, construction, easy operation and solidity. Besides, they are proved through the minute inspection their accuracy and long durability, USES. Used in wide ranges from painting (Ships, Rolling Stock, Machinery & Small Tools, Furnitures & Building Fixtures). Air filling, Forging water Pumping Agitating, Measuring power, Air Brakes, liquid sprinkling, Blowering to other Air Sources for Cooling.

Fouji Air Compressors, which are subject to quality control & Tested at every stage of manufacturing wings & advance technology.

The price of “Fouji” air compressor is less 30% other than multinational companies.

Fouji Air Compressors are used not only in India but in many other countries such as Srilanka, U.A.E., Russia etc. So, “Fouji” is a Trustworthy & Prosperous name of Air Compressor every where.

Fouji Air Compressor is designed in to give you the maximum of reliable service, with minimum of maintenance. Normally the machine gives trouble-free performance for years.

Fouji Manufactures Air Compressors used for various applications in industry, for more than 40 years of experience tyre inflating, sparing, dentistry using advanced technology to give you reliable service, low maintanence & trouble-free performance for years.